Important recall campaign for Ikea foam confections due to contamination by mice

Important recall campaign for Ikea foam confections due to contamination by mice

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Ikea calls back foam confectionery because of possible contamination by mice
The Scandinavian furniture store chain Ikea has started a recall for "GODIS PÅSKKYCKLING foam confectionery". According to company information, the candy may have been contaminated by mice.

Possible contamination by mice
The furniture group Ikea, which also has food on offer, is recalling the product "GODIS PÅSKKYCKLING foam confection" (100 gram pack) with a best before date in the period between October 23, 2018 and January 26, 2019. The best before date can be found on the back of the packaging. Reason for recall: The candy may have been contaminated by mice.

Recall for "bacon"
Foam confectionery, known as marshmallows in the English-speaking world, is also known in Germany as "bacon".

The Ikea foam confectionery, which is now affected by the recall, could indeed contain components of mice:

"We found out that mice entered the production unit during the manufacture of the affected products and that the products could be contaminated," the company wrote in a message.

Purchase price will also be reimbursed without a receipt
The European Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) describes the reason for the recall much more drastically.

"Dead mouse in Easter marshmallows sweets from Sweden," says the website.

Ikea asks all customers who bought the affected packs to return them to any Ikea store for a full refund.

According to the company, no receipt has to be presented. (ad)

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