Medicine: Persistent coughing cough can also be caused by medication

Constant cough: Medications may be the cause

Irritant cough can be particularly excruciating at night. This type of cough arises due to irritation of the lower respiratory tract, for example due to bronchitis. However, certain medications can also cause dry cough.

Drugs with side effects

With irritable cough "it is a cough without expectoration (unproductive cough)", explains the Federal Association of Pneumologists (BdP) on the Internet portal "pulmonary doctors on the net". According to the experts, this type of cough arises due to irritation of the lower respiratory tract, for example by foreign bodies, tumors, laryngitis, inflammation of the trachea, bronchitis or pollutants such as dust, gases or chemical vapors. And also "some drugs (such as ACE inhibitors, which are taken for high blood pressure and heart failure) cause a cough as a side effect," write the doctors.

What to do in case of a cough

Dr. med. In a consultation with the German Heart Foundation, Vinzenz von Kageneck, specialist for internal medicine, cardiology, explains what patients who suffer from irritable cough due to ACE inhibitors such as ramipril, enalapril and lisinopril taken.

"In such cases, it is important not to simply discontinue the ACE inhibitor without replacement, since ACE inhibitors in many cases ensure high protection of the blood vessels and various organs such as the heart," warns the expert.

"Instead, the ACE inhibitor can be replaced with an active ingredient from the group of so-called sartans for irritable cough, such as. B. candesartan, valsartan, losartan or irbesartan. "

According to the doctor, the effect of sartans is comparable to that of ACE inhibitors, but with the big difference that usually no cough is a side effect.

Those affected should therefore contact their family doctor and point out the undesirable effects of the medication.

If the symptoms are not too severe, home remedies can sometimes help with irritable cough. The most important thing here is to drink enough - preferably teas. Breast wraps and lozenges can also provide relief. (ad)

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