Beauty ideal: crooked teeth are considered extra chic in Japan

Beauty ideal: crooked teeth are considered extra chic in Japan

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Different countries - different teeth: How dental trends differ worldwide
As is known, tastes are different. Anyone who thinks that people around the world value a bright white smile is wrong. There are also different ideals of beauty from country to country with regard to teeth. While some dream of straight teeth in a row, others want teeth that are as crooked as possible. Dr. Stephan Ziegler, head dentist and founder of the KU64 dental practice in Berlin, treats many international patients and reveals trends from all over the world.

A question of color
In Germany, people prefer a natural looking smile. Whether filling or crown - the color of the dentures should be the same as real teeth. Even with beauty treatments such as whitening, the result should not look too perfect. "The Germans want beautiful teeth, but in retrospect nobody should see that something has been done to them," emphasizes Dr. Ziegler explains the trend and explains: “For Americans, on the other hand, it can't be white enough. The overly bright tooth color represents a status symbol for them. ”

But not only bleaching, but also so-called veneers are often used in the land of unlimited possibilities. Many Americans, with the help of ceramic veneers, fulfill their wish for a row of teeth with which the edges end in a straight line. Veneers are also very popular with Europeans, but they prefer minimal length differences and a natural color.

Leader in oral hygiene
When brushing teeth shine according to Dr. Ziegler's experience, especially the Swiss, has a simple reason: “With them, normal health insurance does not cover most dental treatments. If you suffer from caries, you have to dig into your pocket. ”That is why prophylaxis is a top priority in the Alpine region. Children learn the right cleaning techniques from an early age.

Thanks to regular professional tooth cleaning, the Scandinavians are also known for their good mouth situation. Dental care is not neglected by the Germans either. In the global comparison, they are in the top third.

Questionable trends
In Japan, crooked teeth are very popular among women. In particular, protruding canines in the upper jaw distinguish the so-called Yaeba look. It should remind of the child's teeth and in this way ensure a cute appearance. If you don't have crooked teeth by nature, you can help with veneers. Tooth gaps are also perceived as beautiful in some parts of the world. For example, pulling intact teeth in girls is a transition ritual in some regions of Africa.

As a sign of growing up, the middle incisors of the upper jaw can be removed at the beginning of puberty. There is a long tradition of tooth changes not only in Africa. In Central America, for example, the Maya filed their teeth sharp to look dangerous. “In many parts of the world, when it comes to teeth, people say that you have to suffer if you want to be beautiful. The German trend towards natural teeth is very commendable because it tries to preserve its own tooth structure for as long as possible, ”sums up Dr. Ziegler.

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