First aid

Properly performed first aid saves lives. In the event of injuries or acute medical events such as a heart attack or an allergic reaction, those affected need the help of outsiders. However, it is difficult for laypersons to determine and implement the necessary steps. Here, completing a first aid course offers a certain level of security and the techniques learned can ideally be called up again in emergency situations.

What is the stable side position? How does a cardiac massage or cardiopulmonary resuscitation work? How to stop bleeding and what is a pressure bandage? These and similar questions are answered as part of a first aid course so that different emergency situations can be responded to appropriately. Basically, there is an obligation to provide assistance in the event of an accident and first aid is to be carried out, if necessary, until the contacted emergency services arrive. However, since the knowledge from the first aid courses may be forgotten over time, a regular refresher in appropriate courses is recommended. (fp)

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