Aldi Nord: recall campaign for asparagus from the glass due to broken glass

Aldi Nord: recall campaign for asparagus from the glass due to broken glass

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Aldi Nord announces recall for asparagus sections

The Aldi-Nord supplier "MERKUR Aussenhandel" has started a recall for the article "King`s Crown Asparagus Sections, 314 ml Glass". Splinters of glass were found in the product.

Call back for broken glass

The Aldi Nord supplier "MERKUR Aussenhandel" calls back the article "King`s Crown Asparagus Sections, 314 ml Glass" with the best-before date 06/30/2020 and the batch L01081201705153700 / 01090 printed on the edge of the lid. "Splinters of glass were found in a glass of asparagus sections", says a message from the discounter. "The above As a precaution, articles should therefore no longer be consumed, ”says the company.

Purchase price will be refunded

According to the information, the product concerned was only traded in the Aldi companies Bargteheide, Barleben, Berlin, Beucha, Greven, Lingen, Mittenwalde, Salzgitter, Weimar and Wilsdruff.

The above article can be returned at Aldi Nord stores. The purchase price will be refunded.

Other best-before dates and batches of this article are not affected.

Serious injuries

In food production, errors in the manufacturing processes can repeatedly lead to contamination or foreign bodies such as glass, aluminum or plastic residues.

Food that could contain broken glass or broken glass should in principle no longer be consumed.

These can lead to serious injuries in the mouth and throat or to internal injuries. (ad)

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