One in four pregnant women are overweight - experts strongly recommend more exercise

Obesity and pregnancy: eating for one - moving for two

Expectant mothers often eat far too much. Around one in four of them is overweight. This has an impact on young people. Because overweight pregnant women harm their child. Health experts advise more exercise and controlled nutrition.

Over 25 percent of pregnant women are overweight

When women become pregnant, their eating habits often change radically. Not only do cravings occur time and again, but expectant mothers generally eat a lot more. Of course, this also affects their weight. As reported by the Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE), 25.4 percent of all pregnant women are overweight at the first prenatal check-up, 14.8 percent are obese. These are the results of the preventive and accompanying program for a healthy pregnancy "Baby Care".

Obesity of the expectant mother harms the child

According to the BZfE, obesity and obesity in the mother can increase the risk of gestational diabetes and later type 2 diabetes mellitus.

But negative consequences are also possible for the baby. A wrong programming of the control systems for food intake can lead to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems in the later years of the child.

Children of overweight mothers often have a higher blood sugar level in school.

This has been shown in scientific studies, in which the researchers also found that the weight of the mother is already shaping the fetus.

In addition, obesity during pregnancy increases the risk of birth defects, Swedish scientists reported.

Regular physical activity

Complications can be reduced, among other things, by regular physical activity during pregnancy. This stimulates the metabolism and prevents excessive weight gain. Experts recommend mild physical training.

Women who have never exercised before should start slowly: “moderate exercise” means about an hour a day or most days of the week.

"Going for a walk in the fresh air is very good," explained Professor Ulrike Korsten-Reck from the Obesity Academy in Freiburg in an interview with the specialist magazine "Nutrition in Focus".

Controlled nutrition

Exercise must be combined with a controlled diet during pregnancy.

Expectant mothers, who are hungry like two people, do not have to eat double servings, according to experts. You don't need that much more energy during pregnancy.

In addition to the quantity, experts have other simple eating rules ready for pregnant women: Expectant mothers should eat regularly and throughout the day. As a rough guide, take three main meals a day.

If the hunger comes in between, two snacks can be added as needed.

Eat only for one person

"The food selection and thus the composition of the nutrients should be carried out particularly carefully during pregnancy," writes the German Society for Nutrition (DGE) on its website, where further recommendations can be found.

A lot of vegetables and salad should be on the menu. According to experts, one or two glasses of water should be drunk with each meal.

And for breastfeeding women, the recommendation of the network "Healthy living" applies: "Exercise for two, eat for one". (ad)

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