Electronic health card

The credit card-sized electronic health card is the updated form of the health insurance card. It was expanded with a chip card and a photo of the insured. In addition to the administrative data of the holder, the chip card should also store data about any existing diseases and medication plans that can save lives in an emergency. The aim of the electronic health card is to improve the quality of medical care and to offer the patient more protection through more accessible documentation of the course of the disease and more security against misuse of the card.

In addition, the electronic health card should reduce the bureaucratic administrative burden. This applies across Europe, since the back of the electronic health card can be used as a “European health insurance card”. In the first step of the introduction, only basic key data of the insured are saved. However, it is planned that information on doctor's letters, vaccination records, patient files, organ donation data, living wills, laboratory findings, blood types, disease history and possible allergies will also be stored on the electronic health card. However, the stored data should be voluntary. No data will be stored on the card without the consent of the insured. (vb)

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