Jealousy is a strong emotion that primarily senses a person when a caregiver pays attention and affection to another person that the jealous person claims for himself. The word jealousy is derived from the Indo-European word ai, which stands for fire. From this developed the old high German word eiver, which denotes bitterness. Jealousy is common in love relationships, often coupled with suspected sexual infidelity. But it can also occur in many other constellations, such as in the family and among good friends, or even in animals that can build social bonds, such as dogs.

Jealousy is often accompanied by fear of loss, insult, or feelings of inferiority. The feeling of jealousy can become so strong in some people that it results in drastic to violent actions. Behind this is often the unfulfilled need for recognition, trust and commitment. A legitimate jealousy as a result of lies, scams or outside flirting is a normal warning signal. But jealousy can also take on pathological proportions and turn into a veritable jealousy. Constant unsubstantiated jealousy can indicate a mental illness such as a personality disorder. (vb)

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