Marriage - meaning

The word marriage was derived from the old high German word ēwa and means "eternity, right, law". Marriage, often referred to as marriage, is a legally, culturally and / or religiously established bond that two people enter into with each other. In Germany, the legal bond between two people is mandatory for a marriage. Other forms of society also allow marriage through religion or natural law, as well as multiple marriage, which is referred to as polygamy. A legal separation of the spouse requires a divorce. Even if the word marriage is derived from eternity, there are many divorces in Germany. According to statistics, the divorce rate in 2016 was almost 40 percent. In contrast, in 1960 this rate was only around 10 percent.

What effects can marriage have on health?

Marriage can have a variety of health effects on spouses. Numerous studies have dealt with it. Married people, for example, are considered happier and more resistant to stress, statistically have a longer life, and marriage is even said to reduce the risk of dementia. However, the body weight of the spouses also increases statistically, and in the case of unhappy marriages, the risk of developing high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis and of a heart attack or stroke increases with increasing age. (vb)

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