Ice cream or ice cream is one of the popular delicacies, especially in the summer months. Numerous different flavors are available, which can be distinguished, for example, based on the basic ingredient in milk ice and water ice. Different flavors and colors of the ice cream were originally mostly achieved through fruit or vegetable ingredients such as vanilla and cocoa, but today ice cream flavors are available that only use artificial flavors and colors.

From a health point of view, ice cream should be assessed critically for several reasons. On the one hand, this often contains a lot of sugar that attacks the teeth, and on the other hand, the high calorie content promotes the development of overweight. With so-called diet ice cream, these points can largely be eliminated. However, a further health risk can arise from the germs in the ice cream, which get into the ice with the raw ingredients and can multiply quickly when melted. If ice melts and is then frozen again, this can lead to a significant increase in the bacterial load - especially if the process is repeated several times. If necessary, corresponding infections threaten here when consumed. The hygiene deficiencies in the ice cream parlors that have been found many times in the past can therefore quickly become a health risk for consumers. (fp)

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