Girl drank coke and finds little worm in her mouth

Little girl drinks from a soda can - and has a worm in her mouth

In Italy, a young girl drank coke from a can and suddenly felt something solid in her mouth. It quickly became apparent that the foreign body was a worm. Both the child and the worm were taken to a hospital for closer examination.

Girl had a worm in her mouth after sipping from a can

Health experts are happy to refer to reducing the consumption of soft drinks. After all, such drinks are often the cause of obesity. They can also lead to tooth decay and promote diseases such as diabetes. A girl from Italy had to have an experience that also provides a reason to stay away from soft drinks in the future. The twelve-year-old drank from a coke can and suddenly had a worm in her mouth.

The child is fine

A 12-year-old girl was observed at the Bonomo hospital in Andria, southern Italy, after drinking from a can of Coca Cola and noticing a worm in her mouth, according to an Italian news agency ANSA.

"The girl is fine," said doctor Stefano Porziotta. The child was only observed as a precaution.

"The girl has no vomiting, diarrhea or other symptoms that can worry us," said the doctor.

No worrying findings

"After an initial macroscopic examination of the worm, there are no worrying findings," said Porziotta.

"But we will send a sample for thorough analysis by experts to the zooprophylactic institute in Foggia."

According to the information, the case is also examined by the local health department.

Disgust finds in drinks

Sometimes there are other disgusting foreign bodies in drinks.

For example, a woman from Great Britain was reported last year who made a very special find in an Aldi tomato juice.

According to a Bristol Post report, the 29-year-old found a “disgusting object” on the bottom of the package that looked “like a fetus”.

However, it turned out that it was mold. (ad)

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