Drug consumption

Drug use - ingesting intoxicating substances - was widespread in many cultures thousands of years ago. Alcohol, mushrooms and other psychoactive plants were the main intoxicants. Strictly speaking, coffee is also classified as a drug. On the basis of current legislation, a distinction can be made between legal and illegal drugs, whereby the term “drug use” usually refers to the use of illegal substances that fall under the Narcotics Act in this country.

While drug use is often part of certain ceremonies and serves spiritual purposes among indigenous peoples, people in modern industrialized nations often resort to intoxicants for other reasons, such as due to the hoped-for improvement in everyday performance, the suppression of their own problems through anesthesia or the desire to switch off from stress. The health side effects of drug use and the addictive potential of the substances are problematic. Legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco can also lead to addiction or addiction and cause fatal health problems. (fp)

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