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Today's daily showering is an elementary part of personal hygiene for many people in Germany, but until the 20th century it was only a weekly bathing day and very few households had a separate shower. Originally, showers were primarily designed to wash a large number of people in a short time and were used, for example, in the military or in prisons. In principle, every apartment in Germany today has its own shower. However, frequent showering also has disadvantages for the skin and dermatologists warn of impaired skin flora. A US scientist who claims that he has not showered in over 12 years and reported significant benefits for his skin attracted attention in this context.

Dermatologists believe that completely refraining from taking a shower is an exaggeration, but people with sensitive skin in particular are often advised to take a shower every other day at the maximum and to use ph-neutral cleaning agents. Special variants of showering, such as so-called alternate showers, can also be used for therapeutic purposes. (fp)

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