Lidl: Manufacturer recalls minced pork nationwide for plastic

Recall from Lidl: minced pork could contain plastic parts

The manufacturer SB-Convenience GmbH has started a recall for certain batches of the product "Landjunker minced pork, 500g". Blue plastic foreign bodies could be contained in the meat. The product should never be consumed due to the risk of injury.

Minced pork could contain plastic foreign bodies

The manufacturer SB-Convenience GmbH calls back the product "Landjunker minced pork, 500g" with the consumption data 21.01.2018, batch 36451886 and 22.01.2018, batch 36451570 with the identity code DE NW 20028 EG. The product was sold at the Lidl discount store in Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Schleswig-Holstein. "It cannot be excluded that blue plastic foreign bodies are contained in the affected product," says a statement from the company.

Risk of injury when consumed

"Because of the possible risk of injury when consumed, customers should definitely pay attention to the recall and never consume the product."

According to the information, Lidl has already taken the affected product out of sale.

The product can be returned in all Lidl branches. The purchase price will be reimbursed, even without presentation of the receipt.

Other products of SB-Convenience GmbH sold by Lidl and minced pork from other manufacturers are not affected by the recall.

Foreign bodies in food

In food production, impurities or foreign bodies such as aluminum or plastic residues can repeatedly occur due to errors in the manufacturing processes.

It can become especially dangerous if the objects are glass.

Broken glass and broken glass can lead to serious injuries in the mouth and throat or to internal injuries. (ad)

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