Rapid heart rate, nausea, cramps: energy drinks have a significant negative impact on health

Energy drinks lead to health problems in every second adolescent

According to a recent study, the consumption of energy drinks leads to health problems such as a racing heart, nausea or even cramps in more than every second adolescent. According to the study authors, more should be done to limit consumption among children and teenagers.

Drinks full of sugar

Energy drinks have been growing in popularity for years. The promised “energy kick” is due to the ingredients caffeine and sugar. A single can can contain up to 13 sugar cubes. Both ingredients are dangerous for teenagers in large quantities. Every sip of the sugary drink damages your teeth and high caffeine consumption poses a risk to the heart. A recent study by Canadian scientists also shows that these drinks damage the health of adolescents.

Negative health effects

According to the study by medical researchers from the University of Waterloo (Canada), more than half of Canadian adolescents and young adults who have consumed energy drinks have had negative health effects.

More than 2,000 young Canadians aged between 12 and 24 were interviewed for the study, which was published in the specialist magazine “CMAJ Open”.

55.4 percent of those surveyed reported health problems such as a racing heart, nausea and, in rare cases, convulsions.

Sleep disorders, diarrhea and chest pain were also mentioned.

Certain groups of people should generally forego energy drinks

"The number of health effects observed in our study suggests that more should be done to limit child and adolescent consumption," study author David Hammond said in a statement.

"There are currently no restrictions on children buying energy drinks," said the professor at the School of Public Health at the University of Waterloo.

However, there are currently considerations in Canada to ban advertising of energy drinks for children and issue warnings not to consume such drinks while exercising.

The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) also pointed out in an older communication that there are indications that "the simultaneous consumption of energy drinks and higher amounts of alcohol and / or extensive physical activity increase the risk of negative health effects" .

"Certain groups of consumers, such as children, pregnant women, breastfeeding and people sensitive to caffeine, should refrain from consuming such energy drinks," it continues.

In Germany there is a lot of discussion about a possible ban on energy drinks. (ad)

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