Weight loss tricks: eat nothing after 6 p.m.?

Weight loss tricks: eat nothing after 6 p.m.?

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Is eating after 6 p.m. "less favorable"?
A simple rule should help you lose weight: If you stop eating after 6 p.m., you will automatically lose excess weight. Can it really be that this simple diet tip is enough to lose weight? We asked once.

Exercise alone does not help you lose weight
Exercise is helpful for losing weight, it dispels the constant hunger and ensures that calories are burned. But exercise alone is not enough to get rid of extra pounds. Appropriate nutrition is much more important. Experts and laypeople have long argued which diets are more suitable and healthier. For example, is it better to go for less fat or fewer carbohydrates when losing weight? And when is the best time to eat?

Should you do without dinner?
According to health experts, irregular eating harms health. But at what time of day do large meals make sense? At least not in the evening mean many people who want to reduce their weight. They give up their supper in order to slim or stay. Finally, eating after 6 p.m. should make you fat. But is that really true?

Fat metabolism works more slowly in the evening
Yes and no, says Professor Andreas Pfeiffer. According to the head of the Medical Clinic for Endocrinology and Metabolic Medicine on the Benjamin Franklin campus at the Charité Berlin, it can be observed that the same meal is processed differently by the body in the morning and evening. According to the expert, "the blood sugar increase after eating in the evening is higher and the fat metabolism works more slowly."

"Eating in the evening is less favorable," said Pfeiffer. This applies regardless of what you eat. But: "A connection with weight gain is not clearly proven." This does not seem to be the case for children and adolescents anyway. The King’s College in London reported in a study that eating in the evening does not seem to make you fat. The researchers had studied children and teenagers aged four to 18 years and found that those who eat late in the evening are not at increased risk of becoming overweight.

Avoid alcohol and nibbles
According to Pfeiffer, people who want to take care of their figure could eat more in the first half of the day and should eat as little as possible - i.e. low in calories - in the evening. The expert advises on salad and vegetables, for example. However, most salad dressings from retailers are not recommended. According to experts, ready-made yogurt dressings make a salad a heavy meal. For overweight, it often helps to avoid alcohol and nibbles in the evening. (sb)

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