Even kissing is allowed - alternative therapies for herpes sores

Alternative methods against the annoying cold sore

Who doesn't know them - the annoying, annoying blisters that appear on the lip after too much stress, disgust, too little sleep, unhealthy nutrition or strong sun exposure. Once our body has had contact with herpes, some viruses remain in our nerve processes forever. If our immune system is weakened, there is now a risk that the viruses along our nerves will penetrate back to the skin and annoy us with new vesicles.

There are remedies for herpes viruses, such as tablets or infusions, but they are only used if the course is very strong. The most common way to combat herpes is with ointments. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), an estimated 85 percent of the population in Germany is infected with the herpes simplex type 1 pathogen (HSV-1 for short). In most cases, this is responsible for the uncomfortable and painful cold sores and is usually transmitted during childhood. You can find more information about the origin in the article "Annoying cold sores".

With zinc, lysine, tea tree oil and rock rose balm for herpes

"Personally, I don't think much of it and prefer to use herbal ingredients and nutritional supplements," says Silke Kranz, sports and nutritionist in Bad Zell, in a report by the magazine "". In most cases, taking zinc and the amino acid lysine are enough for the doctor to prevent the outbreak. "If a bubble does form, I drizzle it with tea tree oil," explains Kranz. As soon as the healing begins and the area threatens to tear open, cream the affected area with rock rose balm. "All the tips mentioned do not correspond to that Evidence Based Medicinemeans that neither tea tree oil nor rock roses are mentioned in international guidelines, ”reports Kranz. However, there are studies that underline their effectiveness.
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Bad news for those with a sweet tooth

Stay away from chocolate and nuts. These foods contain high concentrations of the amino acid L-arginine. According to Kranz, this amino acid promotes virus growth. Affected people have to console themselves with something else during the outbreak of infection.

Kissing allowed

Kranz and other experts cannot understand the myth that kissing is forbidden in herpes. Since 85 percent of the population already have the viruses in their bodies and almost all adults have already had contact with herpes, the contagion potential among adults when they come into physical contact with an infected person is extremely low. "So, kiss yourself healthy," Kranz encourages. (fp)

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