Rough cough: cough should not be suppressed

Better not suppress cough
Who is coughing - especially with a cold. This happens automatically and involuntarily and can even last all night. What is very annoying, but has its health sense. Therefore, cough should not be suppressed and instead should be supported and relieved.

Cough is a reflex that has been generously applied by the body. If something in the airways disturbs, such as inflammation, mucus, cold or dust, the cough reflex begins, which should ensure that the airways become clear again. No signal is apparently sent to the cerebrum. Because the cough also has to work when the brain is busy with all sorts of other things. Because coughing is a vital reflex like breathing.

So what do we do if we feel a cough? "Even if it is annoying - cough cannot be effectively suppressed anyway," general practitioner Sabine Gehrke-Beck of the Berlin Charité told dpa. She says that even the strongest cough suppressant, codeine, has no evidence that it works at all. "If in doubt, codeine sleeps better," confirms the doctor. However, doctors only prescribe the cough suppressant when patients are completely tired and there is no other way. Because codeine can create an addiction. Therefore, home remedies for coughs that make it easier to cough up are much more sensible than suppressing the body's cleaning process.

A popular home remedy for colds is ginger tea. The miracle bulb ginger has an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the immune system.

Thyme and ivy work well
Those who literally don't want to just wait and drink tea can try vegetable juices, explained Prof. Andreas Michalsen, chief physician of the naturopathy department at the Immanuel Hospital Berlin. "The effects of thyme and ivy are well documented," says the doctor. "Of course, even the cough that heals doesn't happen overnight." However, it could shorten the duration somewhat and alleviate symptoms, Michalsen explained.

"Sharp substances such as horseradish, cress, onions or ginger help against cough," explains Michalsen. It doesn't matter how you prepare the miracle bulb, whether it's mixed with honey as a juice or ground into powder. (sb)

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