Vitamins and trace elements: what the hair actually needs

Vitamins and trace elements: what the hair actually needs

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Hair gets thinner and drier with age - what you can do then

Even in people who had shiny, full hair at a young age, it often does not fail in old age that the mane thins out and loses its shine. Because the older you get, the finer and drier the hair usually becomes. In addition, they often fail. But there are some things you can do about it.

When the magnificent mane is getting old

Many young people are often proud of their full and strong hair. But even the most gorgeous mane gets old at some point. Hair usually not only becomes finer and drier with increasing age, but also falls out more often. When the hair becomes lighter, self-confidence also suffers. All kinds of shampoos and dietary supplements are offered to stop hair loss, but do they actually help?

Men are more likely to experience hair loss than women

It's normal for hair to fall out. According to experts, humans lose up to 100 hairs every day. If these do not grow again, one speaks of permanent hair loss.

The most common forms include circular hair loss (alopecia areata). Men are affected more frequently than women.

The causes of hair loss are many. It can be caused, among other things, by an iron deficiency or a disease of the thyroid gland (both overactive thyroid and underactive thyroid).

Skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis or fungal diseases and the side effects of medication can also lead to hair loss.

However, thinning hair is often not due to a disease or a deficiency, but due to the nature of the condition.

Regrowth of scalp hair

It is usually difficult or impossible for those affected to stop hair loss.

Scientists are therefore constantly on the lookout for new therapies to help with hair loss.

Only last year, researchers from the United States reported a new agent that has proven very successful in scalp hair regrowth.

Other drugs have been available in pharmacies for a long time. However, these often have enormous side effects and can sometimes even cause years of impotence.

Hair loss medication was originally intended for high blood pressure

Some shampoos or tinctures from the drugstore promise to let the hair sprout again, but:

"However, there is usually no clear scientific and clinical evidence for this," said Bonn dermatologist and hair expert Prof. Gerhard Lutz in a message from the dpa news agency. The same applies to scalp massages.

According to the expert, genetic hair loss can be stopped or even stopped by regular external use of the active ingredient minoxidil.

This medicine was originally intended to treat high blood pressure. But when using the preparation it turned out that it also led to increased hair growth.

"In many, but far from all cases, a cosmetically acceptable growth of the hair was observed," says Lutz, according to the dpa.

Hair becomes drier with age

In old age, however, it is often not just hair loss that occurs. Because the scalp produces less sebum, the hair also becomes drier.

In such cases, one should rely on natural hair care or mild shampoos.

"Many products already contain nourishing substances," explained Antonio Weinitschke, Aachen hairdresser from the Central Association of the German Hairdressing Association, in the dpa report.

In extreme cases, as a home remedy for dry hair, castor oil should be massaged into the hair before bed and left to act overnight, according to Ursula Hilpert-Mühlig from the Association of German Alternative Practitioners.

Vitamins and trace elements

"The decisive factor for healthy hair growth is that it is also supplied with the appropriate vitamins and trace elements from the inside," added Lutz in the agency report.

In this context, biotin (vitamin H) is important. It supports the production of keratin, a protein that hair and nails mainly consist of. Biotin occurs in spinach, egg yolk, nuts or mushrooms, among others.

As a home remedy for healthy and shiny hair, iron, which is found in almonds and pistachios, zinc and selenium, are also available. The body needs these substances for the hair to sprout.

"Deficiency conditions increase the risk that the hair will look dull and brittle and fall out," explained Lutz. Therefore, besides care tailored to the hair, a balanced diet is a must. (ad)

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