Current study: Small plates make it easier for us to lose weight

Current study: Small plates make it easier for us to lose weight

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Plate diet: achieve a big impact with small plates
Can small plates yeast when you lose weight? Researchers from Australia have followed this assumption and have confirmed the thesis. Who uses smaller plates, portioned and eats differently. Therefore, the choice of plates can also determine the weight.

Little tricks help you lose weight
When people want to lose weight, they often try special eating habits. However, popular diets are mostly unsuccessful. Among other things, this has to do with the so-called yo-yo effect: after starving and losing weight there is a rapid increase in weight again. Methods such as the side diet, where you can lose body weight over the long term without starving or exercising, are more sensible by simply replacing high-calorie foods with lower-calorie alternatives. The trick with the smaller plates has also been recommended for a long time. This means that you simply eat less and lose weight, supporters of the "plate diet" claim. Researchers from Australia now agree with them.

Less food thanks to smaller plates
In the past, experts have repeatedly advised small plates that reduce consumption of food and are supposed to help you lose weight, but this tip has not been scientifically proven in various studies in recent years. This has changed now. Australian Bond University researchers found that smaller plates help eat less. However, only if the eating person is allowed to arrange his portion himself. The scientists around Natalina Zlatevska recently published their results in the journal "Journal of the Association for Consumer Research".

More than 50 studies evaluated
For the study, the research team evaluated over 50 studies that examined the effect of plate or bowl size on the amount of food consumed. It is said that the individual studies were devoted to the most diverse aspects of plate sizes and eating behavior, for example the effect on different foods such as snacks, muesli, ice cream, rice, vegetables or fruit. The type of plate - whether bowl, plate or serving plate - was also considered, how much was consumed with a fixed portion size or when the study participants took their own food. Some examinations had been carried out in laboratory rooms, while others took advantage of the buffet in a restaurant without knowing that their behavior was being observed.

It is best to arrange food yourself
The scientists found that study participants ate 30 percent less when eating their meals from a smaller plate than usual. According to the researchers, the positive effect of plate size occurred primarily under two conditions. On the one hand, it was found that test subjects consumed smaller amounts especially when they put on their meal themselves. Furthermore, there was a positive influence if the test eaters did not feel observed. The latter could explain why many studies conducted in food laboratories found no plate size effect. Study author Natalina Zlatevska said switching to smaller dishes "can also help reduce portions at home." This could be an important contribution to weight loss. (ad)

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