Green artichokes can aid digestion and lower cholesterol

Noble vegetables: Healthy artichoke helps with digestion

Christmas cookies, gingerbread, mulled wine, egg punch: In the advent season it is really not easy to resist the delicious delights. Unfortunately, the feasts often result in high blood lipid levels and additional pounds. Here it can help to integrate artichokes into the menu. The noble vegetables help with digestion and help to lower cholesterol.

High-calorie dishes in the Advent season

Low-calorie winter dishes are few and far between. Cookies, Christmas stollen, mulled wine, Christmas goose and baked apples: heavy food has a long tradition in the cold season. Some people may think that the body can tolerate more calories anyway in cold and frost. But the sumptuous dishes at Christmas time often ensure high blood lipid levels and additional pounds. In such cases, artichokes can help. The noble vegetables stimulate digestion and lower cholesterol.

Good for digestion

Scientific studies have even shown that artichokes help with digestive problems.

Especially after days of gluttony, such as during Advent, at Christmas or at the turn of the year, health experts like to point out that a glass of artichoke juice is better than brandy if you want to stimulate digestion.

If you don't want to prepare it yourself, you can also buy dried artichoke leaves and flowers from the pharmacy and use them for an infusion.

Cynarin is crucial for the digestive effects of the noble vegetables. This bitter substance also promotes fat burning and biliary production. Artichokes thereby increase the flow of bile.

Lower cholesterol

In addition, an extract from artichokes can lower cholesterol levels. According to studies, this also improves the ratio of HDL to LDL.

The artichoke has more to offer from a nutritional point of view: In addition to plenty of fiber, it contains the carbohydrate inulin, which is particularly suitable for diabetics.

Added to this are vitamin B1 and minerals such as iron.

Artichokes strengthen the liver

Artichokes are also diuretic, anti-inflammatory and strengthen the liver. Some experts therefore recommend them for detoxifying the liver.

Because artichokes stimulate appetite, they are perfect as a starter, among other things. Some consumers only know them from the glass, but fresh artichokes are particularly tasty.

The preparation takes some practice, but is not difficult. First you rinse the artichoke under running water. Then the stem is twisted out or broken off over a table edge so that the hard inedible fibers on the floor loosen.

Then remove the outer, hard leaves and shorten the leaf tips. Rub lemon juice into all the interfaces quickly so that they do not change color. Now the artichoke is cooked in salt water with lemon juice.

Caution: in aluminum pots it takes on a metallic taste and changes color. After 25 to 40 minutes, the noble vegetables are cooked. For consumption, the individual leaves are pulled out, the lower, fleshy end is dipped into a dip and pulled off with the teeth.

The crowning glory is the tender heart-shaped piece, which is cut up with a knife and fork. First, however, the inedible fibers, the "hay", have to be removed with a spoon, as the Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE) explains.

Hobby cooks can find simple recipes on the Internet, among other things. There are, for example, ideas for soups, sauces, casseroles or a delicious artichoke salad. (ad)

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