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Organic is a buzzword that is used today primarily in agriculture or food production and describes a certain ecological standard for the production of food. Various seals of approval have been established to ensure that products with the corresponding awards also meet the term “organic”. The EU organic label specifies the requirements of a uniform minimum standard for organic farming. However, the guidelines of organic farming associations such as Bioland, Naturland and Demeter go well beyond these regulations and therefore offer a much higher “organic standard” - organic is not the same at this point. (fp)

New additives for organic food: opinions are different on erythritol The EU has approved four new additives for organic processors. As a coating ...

More and more people are using organic food. It is controversial among experts whether "organic" goods are healthier than conventional ones, for environmental protection i ...

Organically produced honey: what is the difference to conventional honey, hot milk, tea or to refine desserts: honey is ...

In the course of a study, researchers in the USA found that people who endeavor to shop ecologically and ethically correctly sometimes like to buy themselves ...

Consumer initiative informs about organic labels Organic products are very popular with consumers, not least because most of the men ...

Study: Organic foods contain more healthy antioxidants and fewer pesticides14.07.2014Organic foods are more in demand in Germany than ever. After the U ...

Organic goods must be clearly labeled12.02.2014Organic goods are on everyone's lips, so there is a correspondingly large range of food from controlled ...

Manufacturer may call water "organic mineral water"

According to a study, organic products do not differ in nutrient content compared to conventional foods.

Organic food as a carrier of EHEC bacteria under suspicion07.06.2011Organic products under suspicion. That the rungs of an organic farm as a source of ...

Organic industry benefits from ongoing dioxin scandal The dioxin scandal has significantly boosted the sale of organic products. The market share of domestic organic ...

As of today, a new organic seal for Europe. (01.07.2010) As of today, July 1st, 2010 there is a new uniform seal for Europe for organic products. D ...

According to Stiftung Warentest, organic foods are not necessarily healthier than non-organic products. (01.06.2010) Organic foods are more expensive and give ...

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