Increased risk: Cardiac patients with pneumonia need to see a doctor immediately

Increased risk: Cardiac patients with pneumonia need to see a doctor immediately

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Heart failure: Pneumonia carries a high risk for heart sufferers

If you suffer from a weak heart and contract pneumonia, you must see a doctor immediately. Because with this combination, the heart is challenged even more. Antibiotic therapy in the hospital is usually necessary.

Pneumonia can be fatal

Health experts say that around 800,000 people in Germany develop pneumonia every year. The dangerous illness can be fatal. The number of deaths from pneumonia is estimated to be around 35,000 a year in Germany. The disease can be particularly dangerous for people with heart failure.

Dangerous combination of pneumonia and heart failure

In the case of pneumonia (pneumonia / bronchopneumonia), which occurs frequently in patients with heart failure, those affected should immediately consult a doctor. The German Heart Foundation points this out.

"The combination of pneumonia and cardiac insufficiency is dangerous because the already weakened heart is often challenged even more than the weakened heart muscle can do," explains Prof. Dr. Thomas Meinertz, CEO of the German Heart Foundation.

According to the experts, only consistent antibiotic therapy in the hospital (carried out via the veins) can prevent a dangerous course right at the beginning of the infection.

Experts advise vaccination

The foundation recommends patients with heart failure to get flu vaccinations every year to protect themselves from a dangerous course of heart disease.

“A flu shot protects against hospitalization and improves life expectancy. Pneumococcal vaccination can also be considered in patients with heart failure, ”said the cardiologist.

Those affected should best discuss this with their doctor. (ad)

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