Medicine: Doctors save burn victims thanks to the skin of the twin brother

Medicine: Doctors save burn victims thanks to the skin of the twin brother

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Man had little chance of survival

A burnt victim was saved in France by having his identical twin skin transplanted. This is reported by the hospital association Assistance publique - hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP). The 33-year-old patient had suffered severe burns from a fire last year and had almost no chance of survival. According to the association, the intervention is the most comprehensive skin graft that has ever been carried out.

In the event of an accident at work, almost the entire body surface was burned

French doctors saved a 33-year-old man's life by transplanting his brother's skin. According to a recent AP-HP announcement, the patient had an occupational accident last year in which 95 percent of his skin was irreversibly burned by a fire. His chances of survival were zero, but his identical twin brother agreed to donate his skin. This covered the man's burns.

Only feet and pelvis were spared

When the patient was given the first name "Franck" in September 2016, the doctors did not assume that the young man would survive given the extent of the burns. 95% of the body's surface was burned, including the face. Only a part of his feet and pelvis had been spared, reports the broadcaster franceinfo. But his brother immediately offered to donate skin, informs Professor Maurice Mimoun from the Saint-Louis hospital in Paris. "It wasn't a question for him to do anything else," the doctor told the broadcaster.

Brother donates half of his skin

The brother's offer raised great hope of a cure for the burnt victim. Because the brothers are identical twins, there was no risk of graft rejection. The patient can live with his brother's skin throughout his life without immunosuppressive treatment, since both men are genetically identical. "The advantage of being transplanted with his twin's skin is that after three weeks, the skin doesn't shed like any other skin," explains Professor Mimoun.

The brother donated a total of 50% of his skin from the head, back and thighs to help Franck. This was then stretched using a special machine to cover the patient's burned body. After more than four months of special treatment, the patient was released from the Saint Louis Hospital burn center and is currently in rehabilitation. As the broadcaster reports, Franck is already walking and has returned home.

Hope for other burn victims

The successful operation raised hopes for all burn victims with extensive skin damage, says Mimoun. "Research is progressing," says the professor. "Another magical phenomenon is that early transplantation revealed that there were some areas of the skin that had recovered," the doctor reports. (No)

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