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On the one hand, age is basically the number of years of life lived so far, on the other hand we speak of age when people have reached the lifespan around the average life expectancy of their generation. The human body is subject to natural wear and tear in the course of life, which limits the maximum attainable age, although experts argue about where this upper limit of life expectancy (115 years or more?) Lies. According to the Federal Statistical Office, boys born in 2017 could live up to 90 years on average and girls up to 93 years old if the previous trend were continued.

How do good friends affect our health? Especially at an older age, social relationships become very important to prevent loneliness and certain illnesses.

Researchers are investigating whether drugs can improve health aspects of old age It is part of the course of life that the human body always ages ...

Experts study the effects of different training methods Adequate exercise is important for overall physical health. Any...

Study finds dramatic changes in personality When people get older, the body also ages and the consequences of this are usually not to be experienced ...

Study: Sitting Frequently Increases Biological AgeA natural part of our lives that we age. Is it possible that our aging ...

Why some people do not degrade so much cognitively In old age our memory deteriorates more and more. But this memory loss doesn't have to ...

Scientists investigate: Why do people in a village in Italy grow so old? Many people wish for a long and carefree life. Illness ...

Our general mental health improves as we age, and as we age, our physical health deteriorates. Also ours...

People over the age of forty benefit greatly from voluntary work; especially in old age, mental health deteriorates in most people. ...

Many older people suffer from back pain In the course of life, the spine is exposed to considerable stress, which with degenerative change ...

What affects our life expectancy? General life expectancy in Germany continues to rise. Figures from the Federal Statistical Office show that ...

You never stop learning: studies in old age April 11, 2015 "What Hänschen doesn't learn, Hans never learns again" is a saying. Brain Research Findings ...

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