Health insurance offers a free program against sleep disorders

Newly developed digital program is designed to help people with sleep problems

Many people in Germany suffer from sleep problems. A disturbed sleep negatively affects our attention and our performance. Especially in traffic, the lack of sleep can even lead to life-threatening situations. The experts at the health insurance company DAK have now developed a new digital program to help those affected by sleep disorders.

The DAK researchers have developed a program to help people with sleep disorders quickly and effectively. The digital program called somnovia is free of charge and works on various platforms, such as via smartphone, tablet or computer. People affected by sleep disorders can find out more about the program on this DAK website or register immediately.

What is a sleep disorder?

If certain problems such as difficulty falling asleep, long waking phases at night and waking up too early in the morning occur again and again, this can become a real burden for those affected. With such sleep disorders, sufferers feel that sleep is no longer restful. As a result, these people experience exhaustion during the day, reduced performance and, in some cases, simply feel uncomfortable.

Effects of lack of sleep

Around 80 percent of employees in Germany occasionally suffer from sleep problems. One in ten of them even have particularly severe sleep disorders. Such a disorder is also called insomnia. For example, if people sleep poorly over a longer period of time, their performance and motivation decrease. A lack of sleep can lead to life-threatening situations, especially in certain jobs, such as heavy machinery. The consequences of lack of sleep in road traffic should not be underestimated either. Tired people cause more accidents and especially the so-called second sleep can lead to fatal accidents.

The program is completely free for members of the DAK

The health insurance company DAK-Gesundheit has developed a new digital program that will help people with sleep disorders in the future. This program is completely free of charge for members of the DAK. It can be operated on smartphones, tablets or computers.

The program can overcome sleep disorders within six months

Somnovia can help people with sleep disorders quickly and effectively. Thanks to the program, participants should be able to overcome their sleep disorders within just six months. The newly developed tool is based on the so-called cognitive behavior therapy.

What measures does the program contain?

The program has various components. These include, for example, an individual sleeping plan. In addition, various exercises are offered to make it easier for those affected to deal with nightly thoughts about troubles and worries. There are also tips to improve sleep hygiene and information about a healthier lifestyle. It is also possible for participants to simply check their own progress or determine the quality of their sleep.

Recorded data are treated confidentially

The new program was developed by a team of psychologists, medical professionals, IT and communication experts. According to the DAK, recorded data should not be passed on and treated confidentially. The program also supports modern browsers with the latest encryption technologies. Hopefully somnovia will help people with sleep problems to suffer less from the negative effects in the future, according to the DAK. (as)

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