Risk of injury from salt crystals: Lidl chain recalls canned food

Risk of injury from salt crystals: Lidl chain recalls canned food

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Discounter Lidl recalls canned food from Spanish manufacturer

The discounter Lidl calls canned squid from the Spanish producer Conservas Selectas de Galicia S.L. back. Salt crystals could be present in the products, which could lead to injuries in the oral cavity.

Recall for Spanish canned goods

The Spanish canning company Conservas Selectas de Galicia S.L. has started a recall for a range of food products sold at the discount supermarket Lidl. According to current customer information, it is about the grades "with natural garlic aroma" and "with natural paprika aroma" of the product "Sol & Mar giant squid pieces, 3x80g" with the best-before date of December 31, 2023. The affected product could contain salt crystals, which could lead to "injuries in the mouth".

Salt crystals could be confused with broken glass

"It cannot be ruled out that the product in question contains naturally occurring salt crystals, which customers can confuse with broken glass," the message says.

And further: "These crystalline forms are so-called struvite crystals, which can form in the course of the production process of canned fish from the fishery product and adhering sea water."

According to the information, injuries in the oral cavity cannot be ruled out "if customers bite these salt crystals unfavorably".

It is not recommended to consume the affected product

Customers should pay attention to the recall due to the possible risk of injury and not consume the product.

Lidl Germany has taken the affected product out of sale. The product can be returned to all branches of the discounter. The purchase price will be reimbursed, even without presentation of the receipt.

Other products of the manufacturer or other grades are not affected by the recall. (ad)

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