Serious suspicions of manipulation: manufacturer calls back milk-based drink Joe Clever

Serious suspicions of manipulation: manufacturer calls back milk-based drink Joe Clever

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Affected product manipulated on purpose?

Contamination of products in the course of production actually occurs only rarely. In such cases, manufacturers are forced to recall their goods from the market. Sometimes, however, there are other reasons why producers take their goods off the market. The Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety now warns that so-called drinking packs from Vogtlandmilch GmbH with the designation “Joe Clever” may have been manipulated on purpose. Consumption should therefore be avoided at all costs.

Parents should be careful about which mixed milk drinks they give their children to drink. A Vogtlandmilch GmbH product appears to have been deliberately manipulated. The company has now withdrawn the mixed milk drink called “Joe Clever” from the market. The Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety also warned on its portal about the consumption of the drink.

There are various reasons for product recall

Food contamination occurs again and again. The reasons for this are very different, sometimes it is errors in production that lead to contamination, in other cases foreign objects (such as broken glass) are contained in the product. However, as in this case, it can also happen that products are intentionally manipulated by outsiders.

Parents should warn their children of the danger from the milk-based drink

The milk-mixed drink “Joe Clever” seems to have been manipulated deliberately. The manufacturer therefore advises that this product should not be consumed for safety reasons. Parents in particular should make sure that their children do not consume such contaminated drinking packs.

Affected is "Joe Clever" strawberry flavor

It is explicitly about “Joe Clever milk-mixed drinks” in the strawberry flavor. Tampering was found for the products with batch number 4021138001307. The experts say that this is the area where the straw is stuck. This manipulation was determined in the course of the operation and of course the conspicuous goods were immediately secured.

In this way you can detect tampering with the product

“Joe Clever” is part of the so-called school milk program. Unfortunately, it cannot be ruled out that the goods affected by the manipulation have already entered the market. If you have bought one of the mixed milk beverages, you should definitely pay attention to changes in the packaging before you consume the milk. Punctures, opened packs, odor deviations can, for example, indicate manipulation that has contaminated the milk beverage. If you are unsure, do not consume the product under any circumstances. So far, according to the manufacturer, it is still unclear why the packaging has been tampered with.

Further review is now to determine the extent of the risk

The manipulation was discovered through the advice of a food wholesaler. The investigation results of the official food surveillance and the police then led to the suspicion of deliberate manipulation. The investigation showed that technical errors in the manufacturing process are not the reason for the identified manipulation. Unfortunately, it cannot be completely ruled out that contaminated goods have come into circulation in various ways, such as school meals. A review should now determine the extent of the risk. If a concrete assessment is available, the result will be communicated to the public immediately. (as)

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