Christmas time: Butter and eggs are becoming more expensive again

Christmas time: Butter and eggs are becoming more expensive again

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Higher prices for butter and eggs

This year, consumers will have to dig deeper into their pockets for butter and dairy products such as cream and curd cheese. The prices for eggs have also risen significantly, reports Marktinfo Eier & Geflügel (MEG). This will also drive up spending on the Christmas bakery. The Federal Center for Nutrition points to this.

The demand for eggs and egg products currently clearly exceeds the supply. Goods from the Netherlands are particularly scarce, as the scandal surrounding eggs contaminated with the biocide fipronil is still having an effect. MEG estimates that the situation will only return to normal in a few months.

According to the Federal Statistical Office (destatis), butter prices even reached a record high: in September 2017 they were an impressive 70 percent above the previous year. There are many reasons for this, such as the increased demand with a lower supply of milk and thus also fat. As a result, spending on dairy products has also increased, especially for cream, milk and curd cheese (each plus 30%). These developments can lead to higher prices for baked goods, but also other confectionery and snack items, explains the Federal Association of the German Confectionery Industry (BDSI). This also applies to traditional festive pastries such as stollen and speculoos.

Like every year, the demand for butter increases in the run-up to Christmas. Since prices will not drop in the short term, imagination is required. An alternative for cakes is margarine. You can read on the packaging whether the vegetable fat is suitable for baking. This is more difficult with biscuits because the butter note dominates and the taste makes a big difference. In some baking recipes, butter can be exchanged for double the amount of lean curd, which also reduces the number of calories and also makes the dough looser.

With batter, applesauce or a mashed banana can be added instead of fat, but this gives the pastry a fruity note. The desired consistency is achieved with a little neutral vegetable oil such as rapeseed oil or sunflower oil. Other alternatives are peanut butter and almond butter, which provide a nutty flavor. No matter whether butter or alternatives: nothing should stand in the way of baking fun in your own kitchen this year either.

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