The best home remedies for colds: what helps with cough and runny nose

The best home remedies for colds: what helps with cough and runny nose

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Cough, runny nose, hoarseness: what really helps with colds
Even if late summer weather has returned in the past few days, many people have not been spared colds. Medications are usually not necessary to treat symptoms such as cough or runny nose. Well-tried home remedies are usually enough to recover.

Tips and tricks against colds

A runny nose, sore throat and headache: in the past few weeks, many people have caught colds. For adults, two to four flu infections a year are completely normal anyway. In order to get rid of a cold as quickly as possible, some tips and tricks should be observed.

Drink plenty of fluids

There are some things that really help with colds. It is particularly important to drink a lot. Due to an increased fluid intake, the stubborn mucus dissolves better and the secretions in the nose are diluted.

In addition, this gives the body more fluid, which is lost due to excessive sweating due to the disease. Experts recommend warm water or herbal teas, such as thyme or sage tea.

Some also rely on warm beer and onion honey juice. According to some experts, the former is not recommended because alcohol weakens the weakened immune system even more.

The additional intake of vitamin C for colds is useless. According to scientific knowledge, such preparations have no influence on the symptoms and the duration of the disease.

Ginger works wonders

A popular home remedy for colds is ginger tea. The miracle bulb ginger has an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the immune system.

In addition, the sharpness of this natural remedy irritates the mucous membranes and promotes blood circulation. This creates a cozy inner warmth.

Healthy eating

In order for the body to regenerate quickly, a balanced and healthy diet is also important. Food with lots of vitamins, minerals and protein should not be neglected on the menu.

Chicken soup is one of the best home remedies.

Research at the University of Nebraska showed that chicken soup blocks certain white blood cells (neutrophils) in the organism, which are partly responsible for inflammatory processes.

Zinc and hot baths

Zinc is also known to help against colds. The trace element protects the mucous membranes and makes it more difficult for viruses to penetrate.

In order to counteract colds, hot baths can help, for example with hay flowers.

A bath with spruce essence is also recommended. Simply cut the needles into small pieces and bring them to a boil in the water. Then you let them draw a little, the liquid is poured into the bath water after straining. It is best to go to bed after 20 minutes of bathing.

Sometimes in the fresh air

Since the mucous membranes dry out quickly when the heating air is dry and viruses can spread faster, it is advantageous to go for a walk if you have a cold - but not if you have a fever.

It is also advisable to place a bowl of water on the heating and to air it several times a day.

In order to get rid of a cold quickly, you should allow the body a lot of rest and avoid any stress.

Inhale under the towel

Last but not least, steam inhalations for the face can also help. These have an expectorant, secretion-promoting and anti-inflammatory effect.

They are particularly recommended for acute sinus infections and respiratory infections such as runny nose, cough and bronchitis.

For such a facial steam bath, you can, for example, mix three liters of hot chamomile tea with six tablespoons of plantain juice and then inhale the steam under a towel for at least ten minutes. (ad)

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