Young mother refrains from taking medication for her baby and dies

Mother dies as a result of an untreated infection

Britain's 30-year-old Rhianne Statom-Barnett had recently given birth to her young son. When she gets a serious infectious disease, the nursing mother does not use antibiotics for the benefit of her child. A momentous decision - because the woman died only a few days later.

Active substances can pass into breast milk

Women who are breastfeeding ensure the best care for infants because breast milk remains irreplaceable for babies. During this time, many mothers try to avoid medication as much as possible in order to avoid risks for the child. So also Rhianne Statom-Barnett from Great Britain, an English lecturer at St. Hekens College in England. The 30-year-old developed a severe ear infection while breastfeeding, but because of concern for her son's health, she refused to take antibiotics. The young mother died of the serious illness only a short time later, reports the British newspaper "The Mirror".

Paracetamol for pain

It started, according to the report, that Rhianne Statom-Barnett had complained of severe headache and earache. She took the paracetamol pain reliever, but her condition became increasingly worse. "We looked at her ear and blood and fluid came out. She said she had a severe headache and her ear was extremely painful. She said it was worse than the labor pains, "said the woman's mother.

The next day, the woman went to the doctor, who confirmed an eardrum breakthrough and suggested antibiotic therapy. However, Rhianne refused and explained that she did not want to do this while breastfeeding. "I told her that if her condition worsened, she should come back immediately or go to the accident and emergency department," said Dr. Matthew Jones.

Mother finds her daughter lying unconscious on the floor

Rhianne and her son stayed with the grandparents. But just two days later, the grandmother was woken up in the early morning by her crying grandson and knew that something was wrong. When she went into her daughter's room, she saw her lying unconscious on the floor, next to her the screaming child. The young mother had vomited and when she stopped responding to her name, the grandparents called the emergency doctor, the Mirror reports.

In the clinic, the doctors realized that the patient had mastoiditis, which quickly developed into an acute meningitis (meningitis). Mastoiditis is a rare complication of an otitis media that causes inflammation of the mastoid process of the temporal bone. The doctors could no longer do anything for Rhianne, she was already brain dead and died shortly afterwards at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester.

Women during pregnancy and breastfeeding are more prone to infections

The pathologist, who later performed the autopsy of the young woman's body, said: “It was extraordinary bad luck. This is an extremely rare complication. ” According to the doctor, it could be that a bacterial infection has been added to the viral infection. “This developed quite dramatically and nothing could have been done. It would have been very difficult to stop it, ”said Dr. Lina Joseph.

“Her death came suddenly and very quickly and must have been an enormous shock to the family and close friends. Unfortunately, something like this happens and nothing can be done, ”John Pollard, the assisting coroner, told the newspaper.

Antibiotic intake only as directed by the doctor

"When you are pregnant, your blood clots more easily and after pregnancy you are more vulnerable and prone to infections," explains the doctor. For breastfeeding mothers, however, there are - if necessary - some antibiotics that can be taken without harming the child. In any case, it is important to consult the doctor treating you thoroughly and to take the medication only as directed. (No)

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