Older patients in particular are increasingly finding out more about health issues

Almost every second German gets more information about health
Almost half of Germans now find out more about health issues than just a few years ago. Older people in particular are more likely to get smart in this area. This is probably also in order to be able to better assess which therapies might be useful for you.

Health research on the Internet
What could this throbbing headache indicate? Which home remedies work best for colds? And what does it mean when the doctor diagnoses “sinusitis”? Questions like these often lead people to seek advice and information. Internet portals are usually the first point of contact for health research. Patients are more interested in health these days. This was also shown by a recent survey.

Germans find out more about health issues
In a representative survey by the German health monitor of the Federal Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (BAH) in the second quarter of 2017, almost one in two Germans (44 percent) stated that they now get more information about health issues than was the case two to three years ago was. Only one in seven found less information (15 percent).

Above all, people in the age group of 50 to 59 year-olds stated that they were more likely to be smart than in previous years.

“It may also help patients better assess which therapy is right for them than before. This is particularly relevant for self-medication with over-the-counter medicines, ”said Dr. Hermann Kortland, deputy general manager of the BAH, in a message.

Every second drug dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription
As the drug manufacturers' announcement states, patients with over-the-counter medicines can get quick help in the pharmacy without long waiting times at the doctor.

"The pharmacist then informs the patient about the benefits and limits of drug therapy," says Kortland.

Self-treatment of diseases without medical advice is also viewed critically by other experts. Self-medication can be dangerous.

According to the BAH, every second drug dispensed in pharmacies is now over the counter. In 2016, 741 million packages of over-the-counter medicines were given to patients. This is an increase of 0.9 percent over the previous year. (ad)

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