Cough irritation after eating: It could also be due to the stomach

Cough irritation after eating: It could also be due to the stomach

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New treatment option: The cause of chronic cough irritation can lie in the stomach
Especially during the cold period, even the best home remedies for cough can no longer do anything. The scratching in the throat and the urge to cough persist. The cause of this could possibly also be in the stomach.

Chronic irritation of cough due to misplaced gastric mucosa
In addition to runny nose and hoarseness, cough is one of the typical cold symptoms. But coughing is also part of the symptoms in several other diseases. Chronic cough irritation can be triggered by a misplaced stomach lining. Experts from Austria have now developed a new treatment option for this.

Breakthrough in treatment
Chronic cough irritation, permanent foreign body sensation, scratching in the throat and a feeling of dryness are widespread complaints in the population, which are often trivialized and wrongly attributed to gastroesophageal reflux disease.

However, these are also characteristic symptoms of patients suffering from the presence of a scattered gastric mucosa in the esophagus (ectopic mucosa).

A recent study by researchers from the Medical University (MedUni) Vienna and the General Hospital (AKH) Vienna has now brought about a breakthrough in treatment for those affected:

According to a message from the clinic, the new method of radio frequency ablation has been successfully used for the first time in pronounced cases worldwide.

Radio frequency ablation leads to a significant improvement
The cause of the symptoms is a piece of misplaced gastric mucosa, which is found in almost 10-15 percent of people in the context of gastroscopy not in the stomach as usual but in the esophagus and leads to chronic damage to the larynx through acid and mucus production.

So far, there has been no effective and safe treatment option for pronounced forms. The first use of radio frequency ablation leads to a significant improvement in the symptoms.

The study has now been published in the specialist magazine "Digestive Endoscopy".

New study in preparation
"Radiofrequency ablation is a state-of-the-art, minimally invasive method that was developed for the treatment of preliminary stages and early forms of esophageal cancer and is offered as an outpatient procedure in the context of gastroscopy," explains Ivan Kristo, first author of the study and surgeon at the University Hospital's Surgery Clinic Vienna / MedUni Vienna.

“This new method enables us to release energy in a controlled manner, which means that pathological tissue with little side effects can be wasted. With our previously treated patients, this has led to a noticeable improvement in the symptoms both for the examiner and for the person concerned, ”the expert continued.

In order to further solidify the success of the new treatment method, study director Sebastian Schoppmann, surgeon and head of the working group Diseases of the stomach and esophagus at the University Clinic for Surgery of the AKH Vienna / MedUni Vienna, is currently preparing a randomized controlled study.

"Thanks to our innovation, we have now for the first time succeeded worldwide in enabling affected patients to receive therapy." (Ad)

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