Necessary germ protection: You should change your towels as often

Necessary germ protection: You should change your towels as often

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Whether after showering or washing hands - towels are used several times a day. But these are not always as fresh and clean as they look, they are quickly becoming a popular playground for bacteria and fungi. Therefore, you should change and wash your hand and bath towels regularly.

Towels provide a collection point for germs
Wrapping yourself in a soft towel after bathing is a nice feeling. However, the idea that the fluffy cloth is possibly a real spinner is less beautiful. Because towels quickly become a collection point for all kinds of germs. By drying your body and hands, dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria, dandruff and saliva secretion get into the textile fibers and get stuck there. If the towel is then hung in the damp bathroom for a long time and cannot dry properly, an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi is created.

Smell is a sign of change
Most germs are not a direct health hazard, but if they multiply, they can increase the risk of infection. Especially when young children live in the household, it is therefore important that the hand and bath towels are changed regularly and washed thoroughly. If these can be dried completely, they should be replaced after a maximum of three uses, recommends microbiologist Philip Tierno from the New York University School of Medicine.

Drying is important because “a damp cloth grows,” the expert explains in an interview with the “Tech Insider”. “Whenever there are smells, microbes grow there. When the towel starts to smell, it should be washed, ”said Philip Tierno.

A washing temperature of 40 degrees is not enough
On the advice of the Hamburg Consumer Center, hand and bath towels should generally be washed at 60 degrees in order to effectively remove germs in the laundry. The pathogens, however, usually survive a washing temperature of 30 or 40 degrees without damage. (No)

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