Special diet patch for fat loss without exercise and diet

Special diet patch for fat loss without exercise and diet

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Can we lose weight with a patch in the future?
Many people have problems with their weight. Those affected often try to lose some weight through all conceivable diets or plan to do more sports and exercise more in the future. Researchers have now developed a special patch that, when tested on mice, caused the animals to lose weight without exercising or dieting.

In their investigation, scientists from the University of North Carolina and Columbia University found that a special anti-fat plaster leads to weight loss in mice, without any exercise or diet. The experts published the results of their study in the trade journal "ACS Nano".

The patch led to weight loss in mice
Can sticking a special plaster on the skin really cause excess fat pads to melt? Researchers have actually developed such a patch and are successfully testing it on mice. In the animals, the special plaster resulted in the mice losing weight without exercise or dieting. The scientists hope that this method can also be used in the future to treat obesity in humans.

Researchers use nanotechnology to manufacture the patch
The newly produced patch used so-called nanotechnology to support fat metabolism. In this way, the white fat, which normally stores energy, could be converted into brown fat, which burns the energy, the researchers report.

About 20 percent of body fat is removed from treated body areas
In their investigation, the scientists found that the patches in mice led to a decrease in body fat. When mice were treated with the patch, the body fat on the patch treated areas decreased by 20 percent. Many people will probably be very enthusiastic if they can reduce excess body fat and weight in the future through a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, the doctors explain.

Patches can fight obesity and prevent diabetes
The patch could potentially be used to treat obesity and thus prevent associated metabolic disorders such as diabetes. There are currently some medications that can convert white fat in the body to brown fat, the experts say. However, such treatment is given by taking tablets or an injection. This type of treatment leads to all kinds of unpleasant side effects for the patient. These include nausea, an increased likelihood of brittle bones, and an increase in weight.

Newly developed patch without side effects
The glued-on special plaster enables the medication to be delivered directly to the adipose tissue. In the experiments on the mice, this resulted in the animals not experiencing any undesirable side effects.

How does the anti-fat patch work?
The drug is surrounded by nanoparticles with a diameter of about 250 nanometers. These nanoparticles were applied to a small patch (about the size of a fingertip). The drug is then gradually released into the patient's skin over microscopic needles.

Treatment with the patch lasted for four weeks
In the experiment, the scientists stuck the special plasters on the stomach area of ​​the animals. They were replaced every three days over a period of four weeks. The result of the treatment was that in areas of the body where the doctors had put the patch on, the percentage of fat decreased by 20 percent. (as)

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