Younger women suddenly can no longer open their mouths

Younger women suddenly can no longer open their mouths

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Severe pain: woman can no longer open her mouth
Suddenly, a young Australian couldn't open her mouth when she woke up in the morning. Martyrdom continued for five long years. Not a day passed without the person in pain. Doctors diagnosed osteoarthritis in the left and right TMJ.

Tamara Minge experienced a lot of suffering. If you met the young mother on the street, you would not believe it. It seems that the 29-year-old is happy and happy. But the single parent has had a serious illness and an odyssey between doctors, operations and excruciating pain. Although she had noticed earlier that her jaw hurt when she opened and closed her mouth, she preferred to ignore the complaints that she was going to leave, she said. "I woke up in the morning and suddenly couldn't open my mouth!" That was in 2012. ”I tried to open my mouth, but I couldn't open it more than a finger's width. I was in so much pain, ”she told Mamamia magazine.

Dentist couldn't help
The patient immediately went to the dentist. Finally, she assumed that inflammation of the jaw could be responsible. The patient in turn referred the patient to an orthodontist. The dentist said the jaw was dislocated. But this only made things worse. The pain was extreme.

When nothing worked, an X-ray was done. It came to light that the woman suffered from arthrosis in the left and right TMJ. In addition, the cartilage in between had already worn out heavily. The doctors now advised to replace the right jaw with a prosthesis. Even though Minge said she had a nickel allergy.

The following operation lasted 5 long hours and cost EUR 15,000. After that everything seemed fine again. But in November 2013 the pain came back. The head grumbled, the skin deteriorated and the face swelled rapidly. Supposedly there was nickel and cobalt in the prosthesis.

In 2016 the left TMJ suddenly hurt too. Minge had to be operated on again. Finally, she got the long-awaited allergen-free titanium prosthesis. But on the right side is still the old prosthesis that causes allergic reactions. This should also be replaced with one made of titanium. But the single mother cannot afford another operation. Therefore, she now collects money on the “GoFundMe” page

But the single parent can no longer afford another operation - that's why friends want to help her now to raise money with a donation campaign on the GoFundMe website in order to fulfill her dream of a life without pain.

5 million people suffer in Germany
According to the German Osteoarthritis Aid in Frankfurt am Main, osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease. The hands, knees and hips are usually affected. Discomfort in the jaw is very rare. Around five million people in Germany have osteoarthritis. In the course of osteoarthritis, the cartilage wears out more and more until finally, in the later stage, bone rubs directly on bone. Detached cartilage particles can irritate the inner skin of the joint, produce more synovial fluid, and an effusion soon forms. The joint becomes warm and thick and the patient feels inflammation pain. Among other things, osteoarthritis is noticeable to those affected by the fact that after a rest phase, such as after sitting for a long time, they feel pain or feel stiff when moving. (sb)

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