Diet: Diet showers and artificially sweetened foods make you fat

Diet: Diet showers and artificially sweetened foods make you fat

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Why does an imbalance between calories and sweetness have negative effects?
Researchers found that consuming so-called diet sodas and artificially sweetened foods can lead to weight gain and even trigger diabetes. Such products seem to confuse the brain because normally sweet substances can provide more energy.

In their research, scientists from the internationally recognized Yale University in the USA found that artificially sweetened foods can cause weight problems and diabetes. The doctors released a press release on the results of their study.

Sweet substances usually contain more energy
The human body has a habit of burning more calories when something tastes sweet. This is due to the fact that normally sweeter substances in nature contain more energy, the experts explain.

Diet products can confuse the human brain
If diet products don't taste sweet, this confuses the human brain. The brain therefore assumes that fewer calories can be burned. This causes the body's metabolism to be reduced. The body begins to deposit more fat, the scientists at Yale University explain.

Sweet and contained energy of foods should be properly balanced
Author Professor Dana Small explains: "If sweet taste and energy are not balanced, less energy is metabolized and inaccurate signals are sent to the brain." This effect can lead to effects that affect metabolic health. The researchers also found that even sweeteners in foods, such as yogurt, can trigger this negative effect. If sweet taste and calories do not match, the body's metabolism is deceived.

Sweet tasting low-calorie drinks can trigger a large metabolic response
The sweetness contained in nature signals the presence of energy and its intensity reflects the amount of energy available, the scientists explain. For example, if a drink is too sweet or not sweet enough for the amount of calories it contains, the metabolic response and the signal that gives the brain the nutritional value are interrupted. A sweet-tasting, low-calorie drink can trigger a greater metabolic response than drinks with a higher concentration of calories. This finding could explain the association between artificial sweeteners and diabetes that was discovered in previous studies, the authors say.

Sweetness helps the body determine how calories are metabolized
The new study shows that sweetness helps determine how calories are metabolized and signaled to the brain. When sweetness and calories are balanced, the calories are metabolized and this is registered in the brain. However, if there is a mismatch, the calories will not trigger metabolism and the brain will not register that calories have been consumed. explain the experts.

Taste perception of sweetness is just as important as the calories it contains
In other words, the assumption that more calories trigger a larger metabolic response and a stronger brain response is wrong. Calories are only half of the equation, the taste perception of sweetness is the other half. Many foods today contain such an imbalance between sweetness and calories, such as yogurt with low-calorie sweeteners, the researchers report.

Human bodies are not tuned to energy sources from diet products
“Our bodies developed to use the energy sources available in nature efficiently. However, our modern food environment is characterized by energy sources that our bodies have never seen before, ”emphasizes Prof. Dana Small from the Yale University School of Medicine. (as)

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