Weight loss: skip breakfast on a diet?

Weight loss: skip breakfast on a diet?

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Regular meals without snacks help you lose weight and maintain weight
Many don't get a bite in the morning. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When it comes to dieting, many people make the mistake of reducing or even omitting food intake in the morning. However, studies have shown that regular meals prevent overweight.

Studies showed: omitting breakfast makes you fat
Many reduce calorie intake by forcing themselves to eat less. Cologne nutritionist Dr. Antonie Danz reports that many make the mistake and do without the most important meal of the day, breakfast, in the morning. "We are happy not to have breakfast because it is easier for many in the morning to forego eating than for lunch or in the evening." But omitting breakfast has no advantage, it actually has a negative effect on the figure. Because "studies have shown that a regular breakfast has a positive effect on weight."

If breakfast is omitted, cravings will quickly develop during the day. Often, more is eaten in the late morning or at noon "than is necessary and good," says Danz. The body automatically switches to storage and increased food intake to compensate for supposed failures. The dietitian therefore advises "under no circumstances to skip breakfast". This is especially true for those who have decided to accept. “Always make sure you have a healthy, well-filling basis in the morning, don't start the day on an empty stomach.”

Reduce calories all day
To effectively lose weight, people should eat less bread or rolls with butter, ham, sausage or cheese not only in the morning, but all day. This is why the nutritionist's tip is unusual: “Compatible and cooked dishes” are good. These are "excellent for the figure". Danz recommends "a warm cereal breakfast for the morning, for example made from oat or spelled flakes and water as a porridge". So that the taste is not neglected, as much fruit and nuts can be added as you like. "You can also add a little cream or honey." Those who prefer savory dishes can also cook steamed vegetables in the morning. This saturates and is also very nutritious.

Change lifestyle with long-term success
The naturopath Jens Neugebauer says: “Naturopathy takes the view that a balanced diet with 80 percent fruit and vegetables and lots of exercise basically ensures better health. Neugebauer says it is wrong to focus on body weight with dieting. This only leads to numerous relapses and the well-known "yo-yo effect". It is better "as a long-term strategy to change the lifestyle". It is enough to "devote more time to exercise and nutrition than was previously the case". Those who take this to heart not just for a few weeks, but for a lifetime, automatically live healthier and do not suffer from overeating and obesity. (sb)

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