Research: How parents motivate children to eat more vegetables

Research: How parents motivate children to eat more vegetables

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Is there a trick to motivate children to eat vegetables?
Many parents have problems motivating their children to eat vegetables. But vegetables contain nutrients and vitamins that are important for the human body. Researchers found an easy and quick way to increase children's daily vegetable consumption.

In their research, Deakin University scientists found that there is an easy way to increase daily vegetable consumption in children. Children eat more carrots if the vegetables are given whole. If the vegetables are cut into small pieces, the children eat fewer vegetables. The doctors released a press release on the results of their study.

Experts examine 72 children
Children often refuse to eat their vegetables at mealtimes. However, there is an easy way to motivate children to consume vegetables. For the randomized controlled trial, the experts examined 72 primary school children. These subjects received 500g of peeled carrots on one day, then on another day these children received the same amount of diced, diced carrots.

Children eat more whole carrots
The children had ten minutes each day to consume as many carrots as they wanted. The results of the investigation showed that eating whole carrots led to greater consumption. Many children ate their carrots longer than usual and most ate a whole carrot, explains author Dr. Gie Liem from the Deakin’s School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences.

Eating whole carrots increased consumption by up to ten percent
In other words, the results mean that children eat an average of about eight to ten percent more vegetables when consumed as a whole vegetable compared to consuming sliced ​​carrots, the expert adds.

Parents should not chop vegetables
So if parents want their children to eat more vegetables, especially as a snack in between, then they shouldn't cut the vegetables into small pieces. In the future, parents should simply give their children a whole carrot to school if they should eat more vegetables, the researchers advise.

Most children eat far too little vegetables
The results of the study were very important because, for example, less than ten percent of Australian children eat the recommended guidelines of five servings of vegetables a day, explains Dr. Liem. There is now a simple solution to a big problem for most parents.

Vegetable consumption can protect against obesity
A high vegetable consumption during childhood is important for the optimal health and development of children. In addition, eating vegetables helps children avoid obesity and related chronic illnesses later in life, the scientists say. (as)

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