Stimulate digestion: Coffee has been proven to be suitable as a natural bitter stomach

Stimulate digestion: Coffee has been proven to be suitable as a natural bitter stomach

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Research into the causes of the digestive effect
Scientific relationships that have not yet been extensively researched can sometimes be guessed from widespread eating habits. For example, the espresso after meals, which is somehow good - but why?

A team of scientists led by the University of Vienna is now working in collaboration with tracked down the phenomenon with the German Institute for Nutritional Research in Potsdam-Rehbrücke: receptors for bitter substances are found not only in the mouth, but also in the stomach. An important function: warning of toxic, often bitter ingredients in the food.

Another important function is the stimulation of gastric acid release that has now been researched. Through both types of bitter receptors. The difference is that there is a delay in gastric acid release when passing through the mouth, whereas the release after gastric capsules administered only occurs after about thirty minutes. The more bitter the substance was felt, the more gastric acid was actually released.

One thing is certain: bitter substances play a general role in regulating gastric acid production. Conversely, this also means that blocker substances that suppress the bitter stimulus could also reduce gastric acid production. It is therefore conceivable that bitter substances or bitter blockers can be used as therapeutic agents in the future to treat gastric acidity, according to the scientists.
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