Lack of dental hygiene: holes in the teeth can be fatal

Lack of dental hygiene: holes in the teeth can be fatal

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A tooth gap study showed the effects of dental diseases on the cardiovascular system
If you have bad teeth, you risk bad heart diseases, which can even result in death. One study showed the effects of dental diseases on the cardiovascular system. Bacteria that cause inflammation are responsible for this. Not only is the gum affected, but the germs can also reach the heart via the bloodstream and also trigger serious diseases there. Proper dental care is therefore important to maintain a healthy heart.

A Swedish study showed a connection between the number of teeth and the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. According to Anders Holmlund, the author of the study, people with fewer than ten teeth have a seven times higher risk of dying from heart disease.

For the study, 7674 people of both sexes, who mainly suffered from diseases of the tooth structure (periodontitis, gingivitis), were observed over an average of twelve years. The cause of death of the participants who died during this period (number 629) was of particular importance.

The medical background: Up to 150 different types of bacteria frolic in the oral cavity, a total of 700 could potentially colonize. If the microbes can spread unhindered due to a lack of hygiene or for other reasons, inflammatory processes can occur. Harmful excretions from the bacteria and specific immune reactions then put a strain on the body and cardiovascular system. If the bacteria even get into the bloodstream, blood poisoning (sepsis) is to be feared.

At the Sanum Therapy Conference in Hanover, dentist Ute Kracke already pointed out the consequential damage to health. According to this, periodontitis is considered a "reliable pre-indicator for stable coronary artery disease." Furthermore, about 85% of bacteria in the oral cavity are involved in the development of myocardial inflammation. Connections with increased risk of miscarriage, high blood pressure and the "gastritis causer" Helicobacter pylori presented the dentist as scientifically known facts. (sb)

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