Parents warn: Girl goes into the bathtub with a cell phone and dies of a severe electric shock

Parents warn: Girl goes into the bathtub with a cell phone and dies of a severe electric shock

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Girl bathes with cell phone and dies of electric shock
In the United States, a 14-year-old girl died of an electric shock because she bathed with her cell phone and it fell into the tub. The family of the deceased has now turned to the public to tell other young people how dangerous the combination of water and electricity is.

Electric shock while bathing
A 14-year-old girl died in the USA at the weekend because she took her cell phone into the bathtub. According to media reports, the teenage girl from Lubbock, Texas, was electrocuted when the phone attached to the charging cable fell into the water. The family of the deceased now wants to warn other teenagers and point out how dangerous electricity and water can be.

Telephone in the bathtub
As the news channel "KCBD" reports, the incident occurred on Sunday at the father's house in Lovington (New Mexico).

According to her family, 14-year-old Madison Coe went to the bathroom with her cell phone.

The teenager's mother and grandmother told the broadcaster that the girl had been in the bath and took the phone, which was attached to a charging cable that was plugged into the outlet.

"There was a burn mark on the hand, the hand that would grab the phone. It was obvious what had happened, ”said the grandmother.

Girl was pronounced dead in the hospital
The local police didn't want to confirm or deny anything yet. According to the KCBD, the officers were called in for help at lunchtime on July 9 and found a girl who was unresponsive.

Life-saving measures were carried out on site and during transport to the hospital, but ultimately failed. In the clinic, the adolescent was declared dead.

Although the first evidence shows that the death was caused by the electric shock, the police said, according to a press release, only after an investigation into the cause of death was completed.

Raise awareness of the danger
"It's such a tragedy that doesn't have to happen to anyone. We want to make something good out of everything and raise awareness of not using a cell phone in the bathroom that is plugged in and charging, ”said the grandmother.

“We have to be sensitized. We have to teach our children that electricity and water don't belong together, ”said the grandmother, who mourns the loss of her granddaughter, whom she called her“ eye star ”.

“We all miss it very much. It has a special place in my heart. "

After an electric shock, be sure to see a doctor
An electric shock can have dramatic consequences for people - even if it does not take place in the water.

Among other things, life-threatening arrhythmias can occur, which sometimes lead to ventricular fibrillation.

Then the heart beats so fast that it no longer effectively pumps blood into the circulation. The result can be cardiac arrest.

In addition, there is a risk of the lungs muscles tightening due to the current, which in the worst case can lead to respiratory arrest.

Health experts advise going to the doctor after an electric shock, even if you are supposed to be doing well. Because arrhythmias can also occur late.

However, if you experience symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath or cramps in your chest immediately after an electric shock, the emergency services must be called immediately. (ad)

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